Tablets For Kids That They Can Use Either At Home Or At School

tablet for kids

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Tablets used to be considered an adult-only toy, but recent technology trends have shown that more than half of kids have their own mobile device, tablets included. Many parents prefer buying tablets that are designed specifically for children. In this guide, we’ll uncover the differences between these tablets and decide which are the best tablets for kids.

Comparison Table


tablet for kids

1. Are tablets for kids real tablets?

Tablets marketed towards children have many of the same features as tablets aimed at adults. There’s an app store with accessibility to watch movies, read books, play games and listen to music. These tablets also have cameras for taking video and still images.

2. How do kids’ tablets differ from adults’ in appearance?

Usually, if you’re buying a tablet specifically for children, a hard-exterior case is included. This is not often the case with adult tablets. It’s a nice bonus since the tablet is liable to be dropped frequently when handled by young kids. These cases come in fun colors and patterns.

3. How do kids’ tablets differ from adults’ in operation?

Parents have the ability to activate controls on their child’s tablet usage. This includes actions like app store control, time limits on app use, web filters and approval of content.

4. Are tablets for kids significantly cheaper than those for adults?

Most adult tablets are going to be more expensive than a kids’ tablet. There are several adult tablet brands that are extremely affordable. These tablets can be the same price, if not cheaper, than the average kids’ tablet.

How We Reviewed

We found the highest-rated tablets that describe themselves as kid-friendly, and we compared them on several criteria. Durability was a big factor, as well as the level of parental control Mom or Dad can utilize. Lastly, we took the price tag into consideration to find quality tablets at an affordable price.  All our considerations are based on an evaluation of technical specs and customer reviews.

tablet for kids


​The price seems to increase based on brand recognition and build quality, discounting specific features like storage or screen resolution. More expensive tablets also generally offer you better battery life.

Top 7 Tablets for Kids

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

Fire 7 Tablet (7" display, 8 GB) - Black - (Previous Generation - 7th)
  • 7" IPS display; 8 or 16 GB of internal storage (up to 256 GB with microSD)
  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life

Product Overview

This 7-inch Kids Edition tablet comes with 16GB internal storage and a 1024x600 screen resolution. The battery is good for up to 8 hours of normal use. The tablet itself is black, but it comes with a kid-proof case in blue, pink or yellow.

For parental controls, you have the ability to set up profiles for 4 different kids, so you can adjust limitations if you have kids of varying ages sharing the tablet. Parents can set educational goals that lock certain content until a child completes a task, and Amazon FreeTime mode prevents children from going onto social media or making in-app purchases. Amazon’s unique browser blocks out inappropriate content.

While this tablet is widely considered the best tablet for kids, customers do report some issues. The charging cable falls out very easily, so it’s difficult to use while charging. For optimum use, you’ll need a Wi-Fi signal, as most of the content cannot be accessed without internet. This could be a huge downside if you’re planning to give it to your child during a long car ride.


With this purchase, you’re guaranteed two years of warranty protection.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids

No products found.

Product Overview

The size is comparable to the Amazon Fire with the same 7-inch screen, but this tablet comes with half the internal storage at only 8GB. Both tablets allow you to expand with microSD memory cards, but with the Samsung, you can only expand up to 32GB, while the Amazon Fire allows you to go up to 256GB. Battery life and screen resolution are the same at 8 hours and 1024x600 respectively.

The Samsung Kids app is where your children will mainly use the tablet, where you can put in the parental controls you desire. Controls seem less intricate than the Amazon Fire, but you can set up time limits for certain content and restrict categories of apps at any time. This tablet also prevents in-app purchases and does not contain ads. It’s also very easy to switch out of Samsung Kids mode and use the tablet as a normal tablet and access the content you need.

This tablet comes with a bright green bumper case. It runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Users agree that this is a great quality tablet, but it’s definitely more expensive than the average tablet for children.


You can get minimal discounts if you shop through stores like Amazon or Walmart. Unlike Amazon’s 2-year warranty, this Samsung tablet only comes with the standard 1-year.

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition
  • Includes an extended 3-month free trial of LeapFrog Academy. This interactive learning program for 3-6 year olds guides...
  • Through a well-rounded curriculum, children can explore skills that are important to their development at home or on the...
  • Packed with learning content and access to the LeapFrog Learning Library that explores a range of subjects and skills...

Product Overview

Like the Samsung option, this LeapFrog tablet comes with a bright green rubber case. It has 16GB of initial storage and a screen resolution of 1024x600. Battery life of around 7 hours makes this tablet almost identical to the other options in our list so far. What makes this tablet unique is its educational prowess.

This tablet is designed for ages 3-9, so it’s absolutely meant for younger children. LeapFrog is a brand that has been mastering educational technology since the 1990s, and this tablet comes pre-loaded with over $100 in learning content, as well as a connection to the LeapFrog Learning Library. This tablet isn’t just for learning, however. It utilizes an Android operating system, and as the kid gets older, you have the ability to add apps and expand your child’s freedom.

With LeapFrog, you know that it was made by a brand whose sole mission is educating children. Despite its educational triumphs, users do report that the tablet itself has some challenges. It will occasionally freeze up. Not having a home button makes it difficult for a young child to go back to the main menu to select a new game.


​Amazon and Walmart take a few cents off that price, but the cost is pretty steady across the board.


It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Dragon Touch K8 8 inch Kids Tablet

Dragon Touch K8 8 inch Kids Tablet, Kidoz Pre-Installed with All-New...
  • Free Disney Book Included: There are 20 Dinsney story books and 4 audio books, such as Zootopia, Frozen, Beauty and the...
  • Kidoz Pre-installed: Kids can have their own personal playground and the Child Friendly Interface makes it easy to use....
  • Large Storage: 2GB RAM and 16GB Nand flash enables you to download plenty of movies, ebooks, casual games and music...

Product Overview

This model comes preloaded with several Disney ebooks and audiobooks. It’s equipped with KIDOZ Playground, with access to millions of games and other educational apps. Parental controls are considered premium, with the ability to pick and choose which apps or websites your child will have access to. It has 16GB of internal storage with the option to expand up to 32GB.

This tablet has one of the best screen resolutions on our list at 800x1280, and the size is slightly larger than some other options at 8 inches. While the tablet uses Android, the interface is kid-friendly with strong parental controls to keep kids from messing with app settings or web browsing.


​This tablet is quite a value when you consider the amount of pre-loaded content you’re getting. The unique case folds into either a handle or a stand, and there is a stylus attached designed specifically for this tablet.


Included is the standard 1-year warranty.

Lenovo Tab 4, 8 Android Tablet

No products found.

Product Overview

This tablet is a unique option in our list, as it is not marketed as a kids’ tablet. It’s designed for both kids and adults to use. If you’re looking for a family tablet that everyone can share, you might like the more sophisticated look and feel. It uses an Android operating system and comes with 16GB of internal storage.

The protection mode for kids is orchestrated through the Google Family Link app that you’ll download once you have your tablet. This app allows you to control the apps your child is permitted to use, and you’re able to remotely lock the tablet when you’re ready for them to put it down.

While Lenovo promotes that it issues a dedicated “kids pack” that comes with a bumper case and additional kid-friendly features, this particular package doesn’t seem to actually exist. Users report that even Lenovo’s website has no information regarding this package.


​One extra cost you’ll have to factor in is a good, solid case. Because this tablet isn’t marketed strictly for children, it does not come with the same hard case the other options in our list have.​


Warranty is good for up to one year.

Kurio 2 Kids Android Intel-powered tablet

Kurio 2 Kids Android Intel-powered tablet Google Play, 8GB WiFi 7.0",...
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

Product Overview

It comes equipped with 8GB of internal storage, using the Android 5.0 operating system. Screen resolution is a crisp 1024x600. Battery life is minimal with only 4 hours.

For parental controls, it uses the Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System to set time limits, block apps and monitor specific web content. To keep the tablet safe, the purchase includes a blue bumper case. Like the Dragon Touch, this tablet uses the KIDOZ store to grant you access to ebooks and games. Presumably, you still have to pay for each one you choose to download, and it doesn’t seem to come with anything preloaded.


You can find this tablet on Amazon​.


Warranty is 90 days minimum coverage, and Amazon has a 30-day return policy if the item should arrive damaged or dysfunctional.

Zeepad Kids TABZ7

Zeepad Kids TABZ7 Android 4.4 Quad Core Five Point Multi Touch Tablet...
  • Zeepad Kids Quad Core Android 44 KitKat, easily download apps from pre-installed Google Play Store
  • Lightweight, Compact Design for Little Hands
  • Durable Case Holds Up against Drops and Spills

Product Overview

This tablet is a good starter tablet, due to its affordable price and minimal features. If you’re unsure if your child is ready for a tablet, this could be a good option. It comes with 4GB of internal storage and runs on the Android 4.4 operating system. Like all the tablets on our list, it includes a protective case, and your color options are blue, red or yellow. Battery life is only about 3 hours.

It does not boast about its great parental controls, but presumably, it does have some. Users enjoy the YouTube Kids app that promotes safer video viewing for young children. This tablet came in last on our list due to its scaled down features, but the price is enough to include it as an option. Parents who wish to try out tablet usage for their children, or who may only want to use it on rare occasions, may appreciate this bargain despite its limitations.


This tablet holds the honor of being the most affordable on our list when  you buy through amazon or walwart, the price is a little bit less.


Warranty information is difficult to find, but most Zeepad products come with 1-year limited coverage.

The Verdict

The main things you’ll want to consider when making this purchase is how much you want to spend, along with who will be using the tablet. If your child will be the only one using the tablet, then the LeapFrog or the Amazon are good options. For a tablet that is both kid and adult-friendly, the Samsung and the Lenovo are excellent choices. Budget-conscious parents might consider the more affordable Zeepad or Kurio, to see how their child handles the responsibility without spending a lot of money.

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