Cyber Monday: Tips to Score More Savings and Discounts

Cyber Monday

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What Is Cyber Monday and When Is It?

You may be wondering when Cyber Monday is and why it's so unique. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and began as the online response to Black Friday. The term was first used in 2005 as a marketing tool to drive e-commerce sales upward. At that time, most people didn't purchase goods online. Now, 13 years later, most households do a majority of their shopping online.

This year, Cyber Monday is November 26, 2018.

Why Has Cyber Monday Become so Popular?

The world has experienced a definite shift in shopping habits. Everything from pencils to cars can be purchased online and shipped from anywhere. When Cyber Monday first started, e-commerce was new and dangerous. The thought of giving your credit card number to a business over the computer and trusting them to send you something you purchased seemed absurd and reckless. Now, most stores have one-click shopping, allowing you to buy something in a matter of seconds and have it show up at your door in 48 hours or less. You never had to get off the couch to do it.

Cyber Monday coming on the heels of Black Friday allows people who would rather not venture out the opportunity to start, and possibly finish, their online shopping conveniently from the office, train or home. The popularity is due, in large part, to:

  • Easy shopping from anywhere
  • No waiting in line
  • Shop multiple stores at one time with one click
  • Free shipping right to your door
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These reasons and others make online shopping preferred among many consumers. However, there are some downsides to the phenomenon. 


It's interesting to think that Black Friday used to cause such stress years ago that tired and frustrated people would get into fist fights over the last TV or scooter. While you don't get that experience on Cyber Monday, mostly because you aren't standing in line with other people, you can feel the same frustration.

Items promised to be in stock can sell out quickly. Lightning deals carried by Amazon can go live and be gone before you move your cursor over the purchase button. You can go on a waiting list, but then you are the 8,252nd person in line for a deal that went live at the same time for everyone 30 seconds before. Are these people even real? While you can't argue with someone, you can get just as mad when something doesn't work out as promised.

One of the most significant sources of frustration on days like Cyber Monday is computer glitches on your side and/or the retailer's side. There is nothing worse than being 30 seconds away from a deal starting, and either the website experiences problems or your computer or WiFi connection goes haywire. Many times, there is no raincheck online, and the sales keep continuing when the problem is up and running. Substantial traffic on e-commerce sites on Cyber Monday can cause entire networks to be down for large amounts of time.

How You Can Save the Most Money on Cyber Monday

Comparison shopping is something made so much easier by technology. Going from one store to another to check on prices is done entirely online. You can be standing in front of a refrigerator in Lowe's and check the prices at Home Depot in a matter of seconds. The same thing applies to all e-commerce stores as well. It's a good idea to do some comparison shopping for Cyber Monday. Amazon used to have the market cornered on deep discounts, but other stores are starting to catch up and catch on.

Helpful Apps and Resources

Smartphones allow people the freedom to comparison shop whether in-store or online. Apps have been developed that help aid in your quest to score the best deals on Cyber Monday. Some of the apps released as of Cyber Monday 2017 were:

DealNews – A team of highly qualified shopping experts continually monitors the ongoing deals and ads from online and box stores and transmits those to you via the DealNews app. You can then, in turn, directly click on the retailer to start your shopping, or you can download coupons and ads to take to a store with you. There is an option to turn on notifications, so if something you're interested in is found at a lower price, they will let you know.

Ebates – Ebates has been around for a few years now and offers a basic premise: Shop certain stores using a specific link, and Ebates will kick you back a percentage. That money will then build in your Ebates account until you choose to cash it out. While this might not always be helpful for finding the best deals on Cyber Monday, it does offer money back for shopping some of those same deals. You can shop via the app or website. You can also choose which stores you wish to receive deals and notifications for. For example, if Amazon has a deal through Ebates, you will receive a notification.

Krazy Coupon Lady – The Krazy Coupon Lady website and corresponding app are helpful for all shopping needs, including Cyber Monday. You can choose the stores you want to receive alerts about, and as soon as the team of Krazies finds out about a deal there, they'll shoot you a notification or email. They have it all timed down to the minute with deals on Amazon as well, where they will tell you to run, not walk, to your nearest computer or phone to grab a deal that is too good to let scroll by. 

What Are the Most Common Items Available at Discounts on Cyber Monday? 

Cyber Monday is a virtual potpourri of sale items. There are standard fixtures, as there are during Black Friday Sales, which are ever present. The difference? You don't have to stand in line and haul these finds away. They'll show up at your door if they're still available by the time you check out. 

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Game Consoles, Games and Accessories

Tablets and Smartphones

Fitness Trackers

Smart Home Devices

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