Top Acer Tablet – Check Which One Is The Best For Your Family

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Acer has been a well-known name in the computing game for a long time, and it’s no surprise to see why. Acer produces a lot of low-cost yet high-quality products that have satisfied computer users around the world for years. Not only this, but they produce tablets as well. Particularly for those who are on a budget, Acer tablets are sure to do the job at the right price. The Acer Chromebook is even on the cutting edge of computing with its daring switch to Chrome OS!

Product FAQ

How Many Acer Tablets Are On the Market?

Right now there are two different lines: the Iconia and the Tab. The Iconia tablets tend to be a bit cheaper and are great choices for kids since they come in a variety of colors. Since they don’t cost an arm and a leg, parents won’t be as fussed if the child drops it. The Tab line is a bit fancier and the performance is better. However, they are still low-cost tablets, and people on a budget will be pleased at the price points and the performance.

What Is the History of Acer?

Acer is a Taiwanese brand that produces computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and more. It is also well known for its Predator line which is designed for gaming. Acer has been in business since 1976 and is very well known for its budget-conscious models that do the job but don’t break the bank.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed these tablets by spending a lot of personal time with them. We wanted to check out how fast they performed as well as the quality of their cameras and screens. We wanted to know how much we could hold on the tablet and how much of the installed software was bloatware and how much could be removed.

In sum, we reviewed these Acer tablets the same way that you would: by using them! Acer doesn’t put out that many tablets so we had the opportunity to play with both of their major flagship brands, and we’ve recorded our thoughts on them here.

Price Range of the Product

Really, it depends on the actual specs of the product you’re buying. The general price range is between eighty and three hundred dollars. Remember that Acer is a budget company, so you’re not going to get any blockbuster a grand tablets. These products are made to be inexpensive and do the job that they need to do. 

If you’re looking for something revolutionary, go ahead and pick up an Acer Chromebook Tab 10. What’s revolutionary about it? It’s a tablet that runs on Chrome OS. Essentially it’s a stepping stone to bring the Chromebook format to a tablet. The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is the first to do this, and if you’re keen to be on the wave of the future this is a great little tablet to pick up.

Acer D651N-K9WT 9.7IN 4GB 32GB OP1
  • Processor Manufacturer: Rockchip
  • Processor Type: OP1
  • Processor Model: RK3399

Key Features

Again, the major feature of the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is the fact that it operates on Chrome OS. If you already know and love Chromebooks, you’ll love the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. It also comes with a stylus built in which is nice considering that many of the other companies require you to purchase a stylus separately.


  • The biggest pro to the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is that it’s the wave of the future. 
  • It’s also a very functional tablet for a fair price.
  • It comes with the stylus which is a huge plus on its own.


  • Expect some bumps and a fair amount of updates along the way.
  • The tablet is a bit thicker and clunkier-looking.
  • It’s aimed toward schools and education, though, so the focus was on making it hard-wearing rather than a slick piece of kit.
  • Where to buy
  • warranty
You can buy the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 from Amazon or direct from Acer.

Are you looking for an affordable tablet that’s ultra-portable? This is a great option for those who are on a budget but looking for a tablet to fill their surfing needs. The Iconia One 7 is small, zippy and perfect for kids if you’re looking for a tablet for your little ones.

Acer ICONIA B1-790-K21X Tablet - 7" - 1 GB DDR3L SDRAM - MediaTek...
  • Processor Manufacturer: MediaTek
  • Processor Type: Cortex A53
  • Processor Model: MT8163

Key Features

The Iconia One 7 definitely has one feature that sets it apart: it comes in a whopping seven different shades, from bright pink to purple to blue. If you want to make sure that your tablet doesn’t get lost in a sea of black and gray, then the Iconia One 7 is one to reach for. Again, it seems like Acer was specifically trying to make a tablet that appealed to kids. There is also a memory slot included in case you need more memory than the tablet comes with from the factory.


  • Very inexpensive tablet. It’s one that you can buy and not be absolutely paranoid about it breaking.
  • Basic tablet that is probably made with the kids in mind.
  • Perform quite well for such an inexpensive tablet.


  • The screen quality isn’t the greatest.
  • While it does have both a front-facing and a back-facing camera both of them are relatively low quality.
  • Where to buy
  • warranty
The Iconia One 7 can be bought from Amazon or from Acer directly.

Another Iconia offering gives us a similar experience to the Iconia One 7, but this one is a higher-quality offering. It’s slightly more expensive, and as a result you get a bit more bang for your buck. This is a great tablet to get somebody who needs a bit more precision and speed than the Iconia One 7 offers but still doesn’t want to spend too much money on it.

Acer NT.LE0AA.002 Iconia One 10 8:5 Aspect Ratio Tablet Computer,...
  • Upgraded Convenience
  • The Evolution of Access
  • Surrounded by Sound

Key Features

The Iconia One 8 offers many of the things that the Iconia One 7 does. It’s got a bunch of different colors to choose from, and it’s a great tablet to get somebody who might be prone to dropping it (like kids). This one also has a higher-quality camera than the Iconia One 7 so people who might be using it to snap photos or Skype frequently may like the Iconia One 8 better.


  • It’s nice and fun that the tablets come in a variety of different colors.
  • Portable


  • If you are looking for a high-performing tablet, then this is not it.
  • Where to buy
  • warranty
The Iconia One 8 has a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

If you’re looking for something with a little more power than the regular Iconia line, look no further than the Iconia Tab 10 Tablet. The Iconia Tab 10 provides a bit more robust experience than the basic Iconia line and may be better suited for older persons or those who have more sophisticated computing needs.

Acer Iconia One 10 NT.LDPAA.003 10.1-Inch Tablet
  • MediaTek MT8167B 1.3 GHz Quad-core
  • 802.11ac wireless LAN
  • 2x Stereo speakers

Key Features

The Iconia Tab 10 attempts to deliver a high-end computing experience on a low-end budget, and for the most part they do succeed very aptly. For the price the Iconia Tab 10 is a very impressive tablet. You can multitask easily with the Iconia Tab 10, and 64 GB of storage along with 4 GB of RAM isn’t too shabby for the price.

The Iconia Tab 10 will serve you well but perhaps not as a primary computer. This isn’t a tablet that will fill all the needs of most persons who compute on a regular basis, but it’s powerful enough to take with you on a trip and not need a traditional laptop if you’re just out and about for a couple of days.


  • For the price, the Iconia Tab 10 delivers quite a bit of a computer.
  • The performance difference between the Iconia Tab 10 and the regular Iconia line is rather striking.
  • Even for kids, we’d say just to go ahead and buy the Iconia Tab 10 if possible.


  • Does feel kind of cheap when you hold it because it’s made out of cheap plastic.
  • This doesn’t seem to affect the durability of the product.
  • Not exactly the most lux computing experience we’ve had.
  • Where to buy
  • warranty
You can buy the Iconia Tab 10 from Amazon or directly from Acer.

Comparison Chart

Our Verdict On the Best Acer Tablets

To be honest, we have to hand it to the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. If you’re going to get any Acer tablet on the market, we choose this one since it’s on the cutting edge of technology. We believe that Android-based tablets are indeed on their way out, and getting involved with Chrome OS is the way of the future.

The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is a bit buggy, but it is constantly being updated so we’re confident that any bugs will get resolved quickly. We also love how it’s one of the more powerful Acer tablets, and it comes with its very own stylus. We believe that the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 combines the best of budget with the true cutting edge of technology. We love that.

However, if you’re looking to buy a tablet for a young child we suggest the Iconia line. These tablets are so inexpensive that if something happens to the tablet you won’t mind. Plus, the bright colors are fun and definitely meant to appeal to kids. The Iconia is definitely a worry-free tablet that parents will love. This is also a good tablet to get an elderly user because it’s basic, simple and doesn’t have too many bells and whistles. Skyping with grandma has never been easier!

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